Treatment of Failed Occlusion | Παπαδιώτης Ε.

Treatment of Failed Occlusion

Reconstruction of occlusion with premium fixed temporary crowns
Non-invasive reconstruction of occlusion with bonded composites

01. Pre-op

Complex issues. Exacerbated function (mastication, phonetics) and aesthetics. Occlusal break-down. Patient incapable to chew as teeth being periodontically compromised and mobile.

02. Post op

Aesthetic & functional analysis helped design fixed temporary bridge with nice contacts and aesthetics. Metal-base re-inforcement facilitates long-term temporisation.

03. Post op

Patient feels nice and comfortable with his new ‘prosthetic teeth. Dramatic improvement.

04. Post-op

Analysis of Occlusion and Aesthetic Analysis of the Face (DSDesign by Coachman&Yoshinaga) guided treatment and generated optimum outcome. Occlusal plane corrected and vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO) restored.