Non-invasive reconstruction of occlusion with bonded composites | Παπαδιώτης Ε.

Non-invasive reconstruction of occlusion with bonded composites

Treatment of Failed Occlusion

01. Pre-op

Female patient presenting with tooth wear and consecutively disturbed by her short teeth. Patient is a type B personality – hectic. Clenches, therefore resulting in loss of tooth volume. Challenge is to treat healthy teeth in a fully non-invasive approach, eg to not ”touch” or drill them at all, yet to withstand bite forces.


02. Etching and priming of the posterior

Occlusal surfaces of the posterior are cleaned and primed to help bond with hard composites


03. Composite overlays- Raise of the vertical dimension

With the aid of bonded composites, space is created between upper and lower front teeth. This space is used for the intended elongated veneers. With this manner no drilling is applied

04. Post op

Hybrid composite restorations facilitate maintenance of ideal length. Ultra sensitive and sophisticated protocol employed to secure minimum thickness and to combine robustness and aesthetics in a no-cut-no-drill approach. Patient senses even contacts on her new elongated teeth


05. Post op

New synthesis is considered pleasant and sensual.


06. Post op

Patient is thrilled with her new teeth, whilst her practitioners are a little …restrained, as usual!


07. Final modifications

Final modifications applied to enhance naturality and sensuality