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Dental Implants – Functional and Aesthetic Makeover

Dental Implants – Consistent high-end reconstructions


Patient with failed implant-born prosthesis. Prosthetic restoration presents porcelain fractures and inhibits proper mastication


Correction of occlusal plane, that being no slanting occurs. Tips of ceramic upper teeth are now level to horizontal plane. Fine elongation of front teeth restores appearance and function. Natural lip support and fine dynamics of peri-oral muscles.


Metal full-arch foundation milled in CNC machine (CAD/CAM) to secure stiffness and fitting accuracy. Metal foundation was then covered with sophisticated powder porcelain, so as to generate translucency and to mimic morphology of natural teeth.


A pleasant form of upper dental synthesis was achieved on a fully guided approach , that consistently secures high-end tailor-made prosthetic reconstructions