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6 ultra-thin & ultra-conservative ceramic veneers

Male patient presented in our practice with aesthetic issues on 6 upper front teeth He got restored with 6 ultra-thin ultra-conservative ceramic veneers with minimal preparation. […]

Clean air in Dental Aesthetics Athens

In Dental Aesthetics Athens the air that you breathe is free both of air-borne particles and of the aerosol produced by the dental turbines. With the […]

Whitening and composite veneers to achieve impressive smile

Female patient ,55, requested white smile, beautiful teeth, all without drilling and/or anaesthesia. Challenge being to treat diastemas among teeth, heavy discolourations and malpositioning induced by […]
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Zirconia Fixed Partial Denture

Pre op Functional and aesthetic deterioration due to insufficient fitting of PFM bridge and to excessive use of opaque porcelain aiming to hide the metal under-structure. […]

Porcelain veneers on 3 upper teeth to treat discolouration

One of the greatest challenges in dentistry is treating heavily discoloured teeth. Things get more difficult when discoloured teeth are healthy and intact. Challenge lies in […]

New Composite Veneers to Replace Failed Veneers

Aesthetics and oral health Female patient presented with failed veneers. Patient was treated with new ultra natural composite veneers To see entire case click here