Dental Implants


Dental Implants - Functional and Aesthetic Makeover


Patient with failed implant-born prosthesis. Prosthetic restoration presents porcelain fractures and inhibits proper mastication


Correction of occlusal plane, that being no slanting occurs. Tips of ceramic upper teeth are now level to horizontal plane. Fine elongation of front  teeth restores appearance and function. Natural lip support and fine dynamics of peri-oral muscles.


Metal full-arch foundation milled in CNC machine (CAD/CAM) to secure stiffness and fitting accuracy. Metal foundation was then covered with sophisticated powder porcelain, so as to generate translucency and to mimic morphology of natural teeth


A pleasant form of upper dental synthesis was achieved on a fully guided approach , that consistently secures high-end tailor-made prosthetic reconstructions



Dental Implants - Consistent high-end reconstructions


Male patient with failed dentition. Patient suffers from deteriorated function – cannot chew. His complaint is exacerbation of chewing, appearance and phonetics. Findings are : loss of tooth contacts, exaggerated mobility of the upper teeth and respective intrusion of the lower. Occlusal plane i.e. margin of tips of teeth is slanted.


Immediate reconstruction of function and aesthetics. Recovery of health and rehab  with reinforced (metal-supported) temporary bridge screwed on implants for strong bite



We try our best to generate a fine result both in terms of function and aesthetics


Dental Implants - A Life Changing Rehabilitation


Severe periodontitis and deterioration of mastication. Dentition not restorable. Systematisation and customised treatment planning can ensure precision and high-end results

Synergy of sophisticated digital workflow (CAD/CAM) and ceramists artistic perception can produce premium results even in mostly complex prosthetic rehabilitations



Dramatic transition from state of insecurity and embarrassment to confidence and reassurance. In-a-day protocol was followed and implants loaded with fixed prostheses within some hours.



Dental Implants - An Upgrade To Life Quality


Severe periodontitis . Functional and aesthetic collapse. Upper teeth considered non-restorable


Dramatic, in-a-day recovery of aesthetics and function. In extended reconstructions, implant treatment is oftentimes rated as a ”life-changing milestone in one’s life’


Extra care has been addressed by our master ceramists to mimic natural optics on ceramic bridge. Ceramic teeth are vivid and bright yet natural.

Note: natural translucency in the edges of teeth give a harmonious outcome


Micro morphology is faithfully reproduced so that ceramic surfaces display not their ….origins!

Post – op

Synergy of technology and human’s aesthetic perception of finesse



Dental implants - Easier Than Ever Expected


Female patient with deteriorated aesthetics, function and tooth contacts

Patient’s upper dentition being non-restorable, as teeth were too mobile to support fixed prostheses in the long term

All upper teeth removed. Implants placed simultaneously. Final fixed prosthesis restored function (mastication, phonetics) . Treatment was reverse-engineered and generated by Facial Analysis and DigitalSmileDesign

Implant-born bridge re-producing the optical features of natural dentition (opalescence,chroma, hue and translucency)

Slightly protruded implant-born prosthesis achieved better lip support.

From the very initial phase of implant placement to the delivery of the final restoration, all treatment modalities are evidence-based whereas systematic workflow is followed to secure premium outcomes 

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