Dental Aesthetics | Παπαδιώτης Ε.

Located in the north of Athens Greece, Dental Aesthetics Athens is a high-end dental practice limited to fixed prosthodontics,aesthetic dentistry and dental implants. Practice is easy to access with the Metro. (See: Contact)

We provide the following services:

  • Premium smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitations
  • Implant therapies
  • Treatment of TMJs and occlusal therapy
  • Restorative treatments - composite fillings, on-lays - Tokuyama, Japan & Cosmedent USA
  • Ultra thin ceramic veneers - E-max by Ivoclar
  • Non-invasive composite veneers - Asteria by Tokuyama Inc, Japan
  • Painless Electronic Anaesthesia Quick Sleeper 5 by Dental HiTec, France
  • Tooth whitening by Opalesence USA

    State-of-the-art equipment is utilized in order to foster minimally invasive procedures.

    Surgical microscope (Labomed Inc. USA) provides supreme visual control in quite every aspect of treatments and fosters ultra conservative techniques. In contemporary dentistry magnification is the cornerstone of advanced aesthetics.

    Quick Sleeper 5 Electronic Anaesthesia for truly painless numbness

    Lasers are used to facilitate painless microsurgery and periodontal plastic surgery.

    Lasers are also used for treating periodontitis and peri-implantitis.

    Digital sensors (Schick Inc. USA) provide advanced quality of intra-oral x-rays

    Intra-/extra- oral photos are taken with professional setup from the very beginning to the final outcome, so that patients, who undergo cosmetic changes are able to attend all of their…transformation stages!

    Our equipment supports computer-aided-designed and computer-aided-manufactured CAD/CAM prosthetic restorations. Supreme connection between crowns/bridges/veneers and teeth is thus achieved.

    A variety of state-of-the-art devices are also utilized in the field of endodontology (System B, Obtura , W&H rotary instrumentation device).

    Implant Systems used _ XIVE (Germany), Nobel Biocare (USA), Southern Implants (USA), Dentium (South Korea)

    Synthetic resin brands _ Cosmedent Inc USA, Asteria by Tokuyama Inc Japan , Ivoclar Vivadent USA

    Ceramics _ Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc., Ivoclar Vivadent | IPS e.max System , Katana Zirconia

    High-standard hygiene measures are taken in order to avoid cross-contamination among patients and/or the staff.

    Most of the dental micro-instruments and materials are disposed after use (rotary/hand instruments, carbides, drills, etc).

    All surfaces are cleaned in-between sessions with antiseptics effective to bacteria, fungi, HIV virus, Hepatitis viruses.

    Disinfection of non-disposable starts with initial gross removal of debris in an ultrasonic device . The next steps consist of thorough washing of the tools in a medical washer, sealing in sterilization packages and finally sterilizing in the electronic autoclave.

    Extra care is given to monitoring and confirming flawless completion of disinfection.

    Electronic and conventional measures/indices confirm sterilization process .

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