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Smile simulation in 5′. No cut&drill! Only additive

Do you wish to see your new smile before you proceed? Moreover, would you like to try that on for a couple of days and sense […]
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COVID19 & new air purifiers

  Inside Dental Aesthetics Athens the air that you breathe is free of airborne particles, SARS-CoV-2 included (COVID19)   2 WINIX Pro (S.Korea) air purifiers combined […]
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7 ways to obtain a new smile without drilling teeth

Hygiene_ Meticulous brushing and flossing twice a day Bleaching_ Home bleaching with custom-made silicon trays combined with 1 or 2 ultra-boost in-office sessions. This combinated bleaching […]
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Multi layered 360 composite veneers | Functionality-based aesthetics

Multi layered 360 composite veneers   |   Functionality-based aesthetics Young male adult 28, presented to our practice requesting aesthetic reconstruction of his teeth. Findings were compromised mastication […]
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Prosthodontics vs Orthodontics – Veneers vs Brackets

Find out more from the link below for one of the many successful treatments that were made at Dental-Aesthetics Athens by Dr. Papadiotis Evangelos.
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New Dental Electronic Anaesthesia in Dental – Aesthetics Athens

We are proud to inform our patients of our new high-end acquisition, that facilitates and ensures truly painless dental anaesthesia. Outdated methods of dental anaesthesia (eg […]